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Past Seminars


October 2nd
Joe Jurisa, CEOAS/OSU: Impact of offshore winds on a buoyant river plume system

September 25th
Prof. Jim Moum, CEOAS/OSU: Seasonal cycle of diapycnal mixing in the Pacific's equatorial cold tongue

September 13th
Prof. Scott Tyler, Univ. of Nevada, Reno: Monitoring the stability and evolution of ice shelves via cavity measurements

September 4th
Dr. Katrin Meissner, Univ. of New South Wales: The Future of Coral Reefs (Joint OEB/POA seminar)

August 28th
Dr. Dwi Susanto, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University: Role of Indonesian Throughflow on Global Ocean Circulation and Climate

August 21st
Prof. Brian Dushaw, APL/Univ. of Washington: On the Predictability of Mode-1 Internal Tides

August 9th
Dr. Tony Freeman, Earth System Science Formulation Manager at NASA/JPL: Future Earth Science Mission Development at NASA/JPL (or how you can get involved in making the sausage)

July 19th
Dr. Andrew Stewart, California Institute of Technology: Export of Antarctic Bottom Water and overturning circulation in the Southern Ocean

July 17th
Prof. Gary Shaffer, Univ. de Concepción (Chile) and Univ. of Copenhagen: Projections of future sea level rise using simple models calibrated in part by reconstructions from the last interglacial period

June 26th
Prof. Martin Siderius, Portland State Univ.: Applications of Acoustic Ambient Noise for Ocean Sensing

June 26th
Prof. Larry Mahrt, CEOAS/OSU: "Turbulence" with Very Weak Winds and Stable Stratification

June 7th
Prof. Steve Henderson, Washington State Univ. at Vancouver: Internal wave dissipation and mean currents observed in a bottom boundary layer

May 22nd
Andy Taylor, Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, Australia: Australian operational ocean forecast system: Assessment of BLUElink-OceanMAPSv2.0 against coastal tide gauges

May 15th
Prof. Roger Samelson, CEOAS/OSU: Simulations of frontal baroclinic instabilities and turbulent mixing: Is there a forward cascade?

May 11th
Dr. Maarten Buijsman, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory: Double ridge internal tide interference and its effect on turbulent dissipation in Luzon Strait

May 8th
Prof. Jim Lerczak, CEOAS/OSU: Cross-shore Surface Transport by Shoaling Nonlinear Internal Waves

May 1st
Prof. Jim Coakley, CEOAS/OSU: What we've learned from studies of ship tracks

April 24th
Prof. Ed Dever, CEOAS/OSU: NSF's Ocean Observatories Initiative: Building Research Infrastructure for the Pacific Northwest and the Broader Community

April 17th
Prof. Eugenia Kalnay, Univ. of Maryland: Recent advances in data assimilation

April 12th
Angie Pendergrass, Univ. of Washington: Global-mean precipitation, aerosol forcing and climate feedbacks in AR4 simulations

April 10th
Dr. Laurie Padman, Earth and Space Research: Environmental controls on mass balance of Antarctic ice shelves; Satellite, seals, and models

April 3rd
Dr. J. Tom Farrar, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Sea-level variability in the tropical Pacific: From inertia-gravity waves to Rossby waves

March 22nd
Çiğdem Akan, Univ. of South Florida: Surface Mass Transfer in Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Langmuir Turbulence (Joint POA/Nearshore Processes Seminar)

March 13th
Prof. Karen Shell, CEOAS/OSU: Using relative humidity as a state variable in climate feedback analysis
John Osborne, CEOAS/OSU: Energetic Diurnal Tides along the Oregon Coast

March 6th
Prof. Alexander Kurapov and Dr. Peng Yu, CEOAS/OSU: New developments in the Oregon data-assimilative coastal ocean model
Prof. Ted Strub, CEOAS/OSU: If you build it

February 28th
Prof. Jim Moum, CEOAS/OSU: Mixing and Transport in Nonlinear Internal Waves
Prof. Jonathan Nash, CEOAS/OSU: Anatomy of Turbulence in a Breaking Internal Tide
Prof. Murray Levine, CEOAS/OSU: Badges of the Ocean Science Meetings

February 14th
Peter Gaube, CEOAS/OSU: The influence of nonlinear mesoscale eddies on oceanic chlorophyll
Ata Suanda, CEOAS/OSU: Observations of high-frequency internal waves across the Oregon Inner Shelf
Prof. Eric Skyllingstad, CEOAS/OSU: Baroclinic instability and turbulent mixing in the ocean boundary layer

February 7th
Dr. Matti Morzfeld
, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Implicit Sampling for Data Assimilation

January 31st
Dr. Sam Kelly
, University of West Australia: Internal tide sightings on the NW Australian Shelf and other insights from down under

January 24th
Dr. Stefan Talke
, Portland State University: Assessing secular change in sea level, tidal processes, and river flow using historical tide gauge data (1853-present)


November 21st: Dr. Sung Yong Kim, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD: A multi-year analysis of surface currents derived from the high-frequency radar network off the U.S. West Coast

November 15th: Amy MacFadyen, NOAA Office of Response and Restoration, Seattle, WA: Use of Model Fields for Trajectory Predictions at NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration

November 8th: Prof. Jonathan Nash, COAS/OSU: High-frequency waves and turbulence in the Mediterranean outflow

October 27th: Prof. George Haller, McGill University: Geodesic Theory of Transport Barriers POSTPONED

October 25th: Prof. Roger Samelson, COAS/OSU: Musings on the use and abuse of potential vorticity

October 11th: Dr. Craig Smith, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland: An Intercomparison of Subgrid-scale Models for Large-Eddy Simulation of Atmospheric Drainage Flows

October 4th: Dr. David Sutherland, University of Oregon: What controls ocean heat transport in Greenland's large outlet glacier-fjord systems?

September 13th: Prof. Jim Moum, (COAS/OSU): Topographic interactions over a small bank on the continental shelf

September 6th: Dr. Ted Durland, (COAS/OSU): Equatorial Inertia-Gravity Waves in the Pacific and the Significance of Vanishing Group Velocity

August 23rd: Dr. Ilana Wainer, (Instituto Oceanográfico of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Southern Ocean and Climate

July 26th: Bill Smyth, The diurnal cycle of shear instability in the Equatorial Pacific
May 31st: Andreas Schmittner, Effects of Mountains and Ice Sheets on Global Ocean Circulation
May 24th: Jim Lerczak, Modeling the Circulation in Shallow Estuaries and Tidal Flats
May 17th: Natalie Perlin, Atmospheric circulation around a coastal cape demystified: regional modeling study
May 9th: Catalina Aguirre, (Department of Geophysics, University of Chile), Seasonal dynamics of the alongshore flow off central Chile
April 26th: Caspar Ammann, Bridging Global Dynamics to Local Processes: A path towards improving regional climate projections
April 19th: Dan Feldman, (UC Berkeley) Using Observing System Simulation Experiments to Guide the Next Generation of NASA Earth-Observing Satellite Instrumentation
April 12th: Guillermo Baigorria (University of Florida), Application and development of climate models to investigate interactions between climate change/variability and decision makers
April 11th: Emily Shroyer (WHOI), Transformation of the Alaskan coastal current in Barrow Canyon
April 5th: Melanie Fewings (University of California, Santa Barbara), From Coastal Upwelling Systems to Coral Reef Islands: Using Remote Sensing and In-Situ Observations to Study Physical Controls on Ecosystems
March 29th: Fabrice Veron (U. Delaware), Air-flow separation and spray generation above short and steep waves at high wind speeds
March 17th: Rafael Soutelino, New findings on the Brazil Current structure at its formation region
March 8th: Emlyn Jones, Addressing uncertainty and error in coastal hydrodynamic and marine biogeochemical models
March 1st (POA/Biological Oceanography): Clara Llebot, Interactions between the physical forcing, water circulation and phytoplankton dynamics in a microtidal estuary
February 22nd (POA/MG&G): Peter Winsor (University of Alaska) Mega Floods and Abrupt Climate Change - Rethinking the Role of Freshwater  POSTPONED
February 21st (POA/MG&G): Seung-Buhm Woo (UW) An Introduction of macro tidal Gyunggi-bay (Korea) and its facing problems: tidal flat vs tidal power
February 17th: Richard Somerville (Scripps, UCSD) Evaluating a New Global Climate Model with Superparameterized Clouds
February 8th: Alexander Kurapov, Peng Yu Data assimilation component of the real-time Oregon coastal ocean forecast system
February 1st: John Osborne Spatial and temporal variability of M2 internal tide generation and propagation on the Oregon shelf
January 25th: Simon de Szoeke Surface radiative effects of Chilean marine stratocumulus clouds
January 18th: Vincent Combes Upwelling and cross-shelf transport dynamics along the Pacific Eastern Boundary
January 11th: Brad Weir A vortex-force analysis of the interaction of rip currents and surface gravity waves
January 4th: Ricardo Matano On the Upstream Spreading of Bottom Trapped Plumes

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